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Welcome to the Sticker Man's online site!


Our stickers are made out of durable vinyl and are protected with UV resistant products that allows it to be placed outdoors in the elements without worrying about it fading, cracking, or taking on water. They are printed on professional sign-making printers and precision cut on a plotter. Waterproof & Weatherproof.  

Let's put it on!

Currently we have two types of vinyl stickers: Cut vinyl and printed vinyl. Both can be easily put placed on your car, windows, cellphone/case or laptop. Here's a quick step by step!

A Custom Sticker for you!!

A stickers size will be given using a single number which will be actual dimension. For circle and square stickers, purchasing a 4.25″ sticker will mean the dimensions are 4.25″ x 4.25″. For rectangle stickers, the size chosen is for the longest side of the sticker. For example, a 4.25″ rectangle sticker will be 4.25″ tall/wide. The other dimension will vary according to what will look best for the sticker or what is requested.

Wholesale Business here!

Yes! We wholesale to brick and mortar establishments.

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